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  • 巨量引擎
    Ocean Engine is a comprehensive digital marketing platform developed by Douyin Group that provides services to businesses of all sizes, in various regions, to inspire creativity, drive business, and sustain growth.
  • 魔珐科技
    Founded in 2018, Xmov is a 3D virtual human technology company specializing in three-dimensional computer graphics and AIGC technology. We have established the world's first end-to-end hyper-realistic 3D virtual human industrial production line, and built upon it our "3D Virtual Human AIGC Platform—Xingyun Platform." We have developed a consumer-level product matrix for 3D Virtual Human AIGC technology, dedicated to providing various industries with high-quality, high-efficiency, low-entry, and scalable hyper-realistic 3D virtual human technology, products, and services. Xmov has successfully raised several hundred million dollars in funding, with a Series C round of $110 million, led by SoftBank Vision Fund and another renowned strategic investment institution.
  • 猩震互娱
    SHAKING ENT link their IP assets to various fields including e-sports games, digital trading card game (TCG), art toys & figures, animation film and television, location-based entertainment (LBE), boutique derivatives etc., as well as focus on diversified business network, and create a metaverse theme city, to empower brands & IPs by licensing.
  • 悠易科技
  • 果集千瓜
    Launched in 2019, QIAN-GUA.COM is a data analysis and marketing management tool based on the Xiaohongshu platform. The core function modules of the product cover market insight, marketing management, and content creation. With the full range of diversified functions, it can help users to have an insight into the traffic trend of the platform rapidly, assist to complete the creation of content layout and manage brand marketing and placement efficiently.QIAN-GUA is always user-centered and adheres to the empowerment of marketing by data. Its products have core advantages including the inclusion of data in all dimensions, high-frequency data refresh, and diversified management tools. We will constantly devote ourselves to providing users with marketing data services in the whole link of Xiaohongshu with cut-edging and innovative marketing concepts, dedicated product research and development, and scientific and professional technical support.Using QIAN-GUA and becoming a brand concerned by users. http://QIAN-GUA.COM
  • 深演智能
    DeepZero, an AI algorithm driven MarTech company based in China, that is founded in 2009 and upgraded from iPinYou. Adhering to the concept of "AI Empowers Decision", DeepZero utilizes artificial intelligence and big data technologies to help enterprises improve the efficiency of the full funnel marketing from new customer acquisition to marketing automation, and comprehensively improves the digital capability and intelligence level of enterprises by providing "software + service" solution. This is enabled and empowered by its proprietary intelligent business data management platform AlphaData ™ and Intelligent Media Management Platform AlphaDesk™. The company collaborates alongside many Fortune 500 brands across various verticals, including FMCG, retail, automobile, internet service, education and other industries. The intelligent decision and data processing capabilities of DeepZero is based on 15 patents, 99 software copyrights and 100+ awards. Its data management platform is recognized and accredited by the Forrester Wave™ in Asia Pacific.
  • 时趣
    Social Touch was established in 2011 as a content marketing ecosystem service company that deeply integrates creative talents and AI technology. Over the course of 12 years, it has evolved to meet the content needs of brands across all business types and marketing scenarios. With the increasing trend of intelligent commerce, Social Touch continuously provides brands with fast, cost-effective content marketing ecosystem services through innovative platform products, such as the big data product Insight Engine, the IP marketing solution IP Universe, the all-in-one fragmented creative content procurement platform Star Cloud, and the creative match ecosystem tool Galaxy Select. These services empower brands to enhance the brand influence and sales conversion. Currently, Social Touch is a member of China 4A and the Digital Committee, and has been recognized as one of the Top 32 AI companies in China by Machine Intelligence China. Over the past three years (2021-2023), it has earned more than 300 marketing awards. “Tailored Service and Co-development, Creativety Pitch Must Come.”
  • convertlab
    Convertlab is a leading integrated marketing cloud solution provider in China. It offers end-to-end solutions such as customer data platform (CDP), marketing automation (MA), AI intelligent engine, and intelligent advertising platform to top-tier brands both in China and abroad. Convertlab helps companies build customer profiles, automate and refine user operations, and achieve super growth in business performance. So far, it has provided digital marketing services to 400 enterprises and has gained best practices.
  • 233
    233 Private Domains provides brand-effect integration private domain operation solutions for brands. With the rich marketing experience, long-term private domain operation experience, and strong technical product development capabilities from over 100 partners from well-known 4A advertising groups and e-commerce platforms, we offer comprehensive private domain solutions such as 'DTC Private Domain Operation,' 'Dual Front-end Private Domain Operation,' and 'Private Domain Strategy Consultant' for brands.
  • Nint
    Nint was established in 2003 with vision of “Data sets the world free”,and is one of the early  data service provider in China offering e-commerce big data tracking service. Nint’s business covers China, Japan and Southeast Asia, offering data service to more than 80% Fortune 500 companies(consumer goods), 1,000 brands and 30,000 digital stores. With self-developed AI algorithms and more than 13 years industry knowhow, Nint data service covers Cosmetics, Personal Care, Food & Beverage, Consumer Electronics, Maternal & Child,Apparel categories etc. Rooted in the digital commerce, Nint interprets big data into actionable insights via proprietary AI algorithms, and makes growth predictable.
  • 个推
    Merit Interactive Co., Ltd. (GeTui) is a leading data intelligence company. Merit Interactive provides a number of data-intelligent products, services, and solutions to customers from different industries, including internet operation, user growth, brand marketing, etc. In the field of brand marketing, Merit Interactive provides end-to-end digital marketing solutions to brand owners, including brand data assets optimization, consumer insights, advertising placement analysis, joint modeling, and offline business district traffic analysis. We aim to fully meet the diverse marketing needs of brand owners in complex market environments, helping them efficiently harness the value of their data assets and achieve more effective marketing through data. Recently, Merit Interactive has released an intelligent TA identification tool - AITA (AI-Targeting Audience), creating a new powerful marketing strategy enhanced by large language model, and helping businesses better target their audience through AI.
  • 九四智能
    English introduction:Founded in 2018, Guangzhou 94AI Technology Co.Ltd. is an artificial intelligence enterprise with self-developed core technologies such as NLP, ASR, TTS, and big data analysis. We are committed to providing enterprise customers with an intelligent user operation SaaS platform, realizing the intelligent operation of the entire lifecycle of their users, and empowering the continuous growth of customer performance.
  • 焕泽信息
    Huanze Information is a technology company that empowers brand growth with technology and content. Huanze Information is committed to becoming the business brain of customers, always focusing on various online interactive platforms that have the widest coverage and the greatest long-term impact on consumers. Adhering to the content concept of "touching people's hearts" and relying on the company's technical strength, it integrates AI technology into creative design, strategy formulation In the entire process of communication and execution, as well as sales transformation services, it not only accumulates digital assets for the brand, but also truly brings more business. Empowering brands to rejuvenate and operating user friendly relationships.
  • 蔚领时代
    As a leading provider of real-time cloud rendering solutions in the industry, Weiling Times’ hyper-realistic digital human production and metaverse scene construction capabilities have garnered industry attention. Weiling Times has launched original digital human IPs such as "The Grass of Genesis" and young actor Gong Jun's digital human "Jifeng", and also created cloud art galleries, 3D metaverse scenes of "One River, One Stream" in Shanghai. Weiling Times possesses a comprehensive metaverse technology solution that integrate software and hardware, including metaverse underlying computing power, AIGC content production, native metaverse cloud applications, and digital asset sharing. This integrated solution helps customers and creators efficiently and conveniently create various metaverse application scenarios on a larger scale.
  • 东桓得效
    DHG specializes in providing integrated professional solutions in AI and digital business consulting, ESG construction, and technology and services for the business operations field of enterprises. It has successfully served over 300 international and domestic leading clients and was named Shanghai's "Zhuanjingtexin" Enterprise in 2022. Its subsidiary "DH DX" has been focusing on how to effectively and seamlessly apply artificial intelligence to business operations. DexiaoAI has successfully served several leading international and domestic clients. It is an excellent member company of the first PWC and Huangpu Science Innovation Group AI Acceleration Camp and won the prize in the 2023 OPENAIGC Developer Competition.
  • sci
    SCI Group was founded in 2011 and is the first and leading global cross-border e-commerce digital solution service provider in Southeast Asia. We provide one-stop brand services, including front-end brand strategy, marketing, mid-end omni-channel supply chain support, and end-to-end sales system expansion and operation. We are committed to building a cross-border e-commerce ecological organization, empowering brands/merchants/entrepreneurs to succeed in the e-commerce field and go global.
  • 楼氏集团
    Born in 2014, Louis Group is a comprehensive media company that integrates media resources across all platforms and fields, full-case integrated marketing, self-media operation, IP cultural and creative design and development, media buying, celebrity incubation, trending topics and social media marketing services. Louis started by signing and incubating Sina Weibo KOLs, and its main business is divided into MCN, brand integrated marketing, and IP animation and cultural creation, providing clients with all-platform marketing solutions. It has won more than 100 awards, including "Top 10 Most Commercially Valuable MCN Organizations" from Sina Weibo, "Annual Outstanding Contributors" from IMS New Media Group, and so on.
  • kawo
    Founded in 2017, KAWO is the leading social media management platform in China. KAWO allows brands and agencies to manage social media accounts, publish content, collaborate, generate detailed data analysis reports, monitor competitors in real-time, and gain deeper insights with social media data within China’s highly specialized social media landscape. Customers of KAWO include leading brands in consumer goods, luxury goods, professional services, technology, tourism, entertainment, sports, and B2B businesses. KAWO's current investors include: IMG, Tiger Global Management, and Sequoia Capital China. To learn more.
  • 勾正数据
    Gozen is a leading cross-screen big data provider, specializing in data-powered intelligent decision-making and marketing operations. Our expertise in marketing empowers Adtech with end-to-end data solutions for pre, mid, and post-marketing phases. We offer services such as media planning, budget allocation, precision targeting, cross-screen optimization, programmatic advertising, and ad performance evaluation. We also assist businesses in upgrading brands Martech capabilities, focusing on data integration under cross-screen scenarios, including TV, OTT, Mobile media to build a data-driven ecosystem tailored to brand’s marketing goal.
  • 梯影
    TikinMedia is an innovative office building elevator media company. As the pioneer of elevator projection media, TikinMedia has positioned itself as a "digital media platform for high-end commercial buildings" to help advertisers build consumer brand awareness with super-high arrival rate and advanced marketing methods; Leading the development trend of outdoor media with leading technologies such as projection touch and AR enhancement, TikinMedia has successively received investment from Baidu Venture Capital, Sequoia China, IDG Capital, Tencent Investment and other capital, and now it has covered more than 60 cities around the world, with nearly 100,000 elevators, affecting nearly 100 million business white-collar audiences every day.
  • 奇思妙想
    QSMX is a fully experienced marketing solution provider and widely known for its profession . We focus on the IMC solution, front-end data and content driven, also covering media, technology, creativity and e-commerce services. By using a combination of data and technical tools, through professional knowledge and experience, media network, operation and executive team, we have successfully solved problems of with high quality and truly achieved the integration of marketing ideas.
  • 予之文化
    Yoozy culture is a landing emotional brand new incremental operating company. It is currently a rare organization in China which dare to bet against and guarantee the sales. The unique practice of emotional brand growth is a controlled system from brand strategy consulting to one-stop product marketing landing in Xiaohongshu and Douyin. It is based on the core methodology that "the emotional detonation of point of user’s is the brand’s emotional detonation". Amplify the user's common sense,leveraging valuable sales tools,breaking the circle after piercing the platform circle. Help China's new generation of brands healthy growth, make brands become popular and spread throughout the world!
  • 值得买
    Beijing Zhidemai Technology Co., Ltd. ("ZHI-TECH GROUP") is a tech group focusing on consumer industry. It was founded in 2011 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange ("SZSE") in 2019. Believing in the values of "respect, reliability, openness, and Geek spirit" and chanting the slogan of "technology drives consumption evolution", the Company is committed to inspiring happiness for every consumption, with the vision of becoming the technology leader in consumer industry and creating a better world with free flow of consumption information. The Company has a strong presence in the following three business segments: consumer industry content, marketing service, and consumer industry data. Consumer industry content helps online consumers with decision-making in an efficient, accurate and professional manner; marketing service allows e-commerce operators and brand owners to reach out to a broader user base and expand their brand influence; the data sourced from consumer industry content and marketing service are used to form a multi-dimensional basic data system covering consumers, products, premises and media, which facilitates business growth and at the same time produces different types of data products and services. With joint efforts of its affiliates, the Company has continuously improved the connections between e-commerce operators, brand owners and consumer users, creating a universal traffic system covering online and offline quality contents. The overall GMV was RMB 27 billion in 2021.
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