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  • 尘锋信息
    Beijing Chenfeng Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of private traffic operation technology and industry solutions in China, committed to driving the growth and change of private marketing with technology. With the help of its core product, Chenfeng SCRM , Chenfeng information uses artificial intelligence and big data technology to reconstruct the digital marketing model in the inventory era through digital means, and endows many brands with a new growth mode of private operation.   Chenfeng Information is actively building the industry ecology, helping enterprises to transform their private operations, and laying out banking, securities, insurance, education, real estate, retail, medical beauty and other fields. At the same time, Chenfeng information is actively building a professional research institute of private traffic operation - "Growth", aiming to cooperate with various industries, universities and other institutions to conduct in-depth industry research of private traffic, and continue to empower the industry.
  • 开域
    CUE Group was founded in 2018 by industry elites together with world class PE institution KKR. With its cutting-edge digital technology and industry experts from internet firms, 4A agencies, strategy consulting and enterprise digital service providers, CUE is dedicated to help clients to grow their business.

    With leading AI technology and big data capabilities, and deep insight and understanding of vertical industry clients, CUE has continuously explored innovative vertical industry solutions on basis of its one-stop digital marketing platform, including Smart Digital Marketing Solution, Smart Retail Solution, Smart Entertainment Solution, and AI Smart City Solution.
  • 31会议
    31Event - China's leading marketing technology service provider - is specialized in a wide range of cutting-edge event technologies. 31Event has established its reliable reputation and won the trust of more than 300,000 customers with its dedicated and professional team as well as its project execution expertise. This has not only resulted in achieving more than 1.3 million successful conferences and exhibitions, but more importantly, 31Event has been the core force in the forefront in advancing events technology integration and developing innovative IT solution for the China's conference & exhibition industry. It is regarded as the company who knows events solutions best.
  • 聚塔在线
    Juta Online is a professional provider of customizable marketing solutions and services, which including digital marketing, data analytics applications, multi-dimensional solutions and e-commerce conversion optimizations. As the core agent of HUAWEI Ads, Juta Online works with HUAWEI to create an integrated marketing solution for customers to balance brands exposure and sales performance, which makes digital marketing more interesting, effective and valuable.

    Juta Online provides comprehensive insights into different aspects of digital marketing, including monitoring and analyzing public opinions, advertisement performance, traffic data, mini program interactions and user experience in order to provide professional optimization reports.
  • Convertlab
    Convertlab is the first native marketing cloud in China. Convertlab bridges the gap between data and growth through a one-stop marketing cloud service that makes marketing simple and makes growth natural.
    Convertlab creates professional, smart, and agile products that directly connect enterprises with consumers, refining management capabilities and improving marketing efficiency.

    Convertlab provides long-term services to over 300companies across a variety of industries, including retail, large chains, finance companies, and FMCG.
  • 宸帆
    CHIN builds a KOLs economic ecosystem with the core of Content e-Commerce & Intergrate Marketing. In 2019, this ecosystem created more than 3.3 billion GMV. With 250+ exclusive signing KOLs, such as the top tier KOLs Cherie and Sunny33, CHIN has covered more than 270+ million followers through most of the social mainstream platform, such as Weibo, Tiktok, Xiaohongshu, bilibili, Taobao Live.

    To attract and retain young-gens female followers and customers, CHIN developed a portfolio of 30+ self-owned brands. The women's wear GMV of CHIN listed as the top 3 in the category of Taobao at 2019. In addition, with the model of KOLs marketing, CHIN continues to linkage the customers and brands, and integrate the live streaming into the brand's marketing process, providing integrated marketing solutions for thousands of famous brands.
  • LinkFlow
    Linkflow is a Customer Data Platform(CDP) that allows data to flow without programming. By effectively connecting data islands and getting through customer touch-points, we can provide integrated customer operation experience from information collection, analysis to operation for enterprise market and operation departments, and help enterprises drive business growth through data.CDP currently supports scenarios such as AD effect tracking, SCRM, marketing automation, customer lifecycle management etc.
  • 久其数字
    Join Digital Group is A wholly-owned subsidiary of a-share listed Join-Cheer (stock code: 002279).We’re committed to using data to build innovative products and solutions that bring together communication、management and marketing automation in the era of big data.
  • 什么值得买
    Beijing Zhidemai Technology Co., Ltd was established in November 2011 and publicly listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Growth Enterprise Market on July 15, 2019.

    In the past 10 years, our flagship platform “”, which is committed and specialized in consumption area, has built an ecosystem consisting of users, content creators , e-commerce platforms as well as brand owners. Further more, we have witnessed the continually growth of “” from content generation, user acquisition, consumer scalability to profit perspective. Our brand is built around essential influence through internet.

    Serving as a leading marketing platform with capabilities of brand marketing and order conversion, “” has since been known as an indispensable channel for e-commerce platforms and brand owners to acquire consumers and enhance brand preference. Currently, our offering covers all categories, providing marketing solutions for thousands of partners. Delivered on the promise for brand owners’ omni-channel marketing demand, we established our subsidiary company “Starlinks”, which is focused on collaboration with external resources, e.g short-form mobile video, live casting and KOL, to bring truly benefit for monetization. Moving forward, we will constantly devote ourselves on providing consumption content and data, diversified portfolio of marketing solutions and building a mainstream channel for brand operators with better content and maintain strong relationship with end consumers, which, will enable a profound revolution of resource optimization and product evolution. Our mission is to provide a leading marketing destination for e-commerce platforms and brand owners with excellence and efficiency.
  • 第一财经
  • Webpower
    Founded in the Netherlands in 1999,Webpower entered China in 2006 and now it has 11 branches around the world.

    As an Omni-channel intelligent marketing service provider, Webpower has always paid attention to the multi-dimensional marketing needs of enterprises and continuously exported a variety of innovative, cutting-edge and effective marketing products and services during the past ten years' development in China. In 2018, Webpower launched the intelligent marketing platform Dmartech, creating a marketing closed loop for enterprises from omni-channel data connection, marketing automation, BI data analysis to scenario application and customized development.

    Webpower has provided professional marketing services for 10 major industries including retail, IT, tourism, aviation, exhibition, finance etc., and brands like Starbucks, SONY, Wal-mart, GIVENCHY, Remy Martin, Lenovo, Disney, China Eastern Airlines, DBS Bank, Pacific Insurance and so on. Inspired by the concept of intelligent marketing, Webpower is dedicated to technology-driven marketing, in-depth exploration of member value for enterprises, to help enterprises create “intelligent marketing" map, as well as various possibilities of member marketing.
  • 宏路数据HYPERS
    As the leading marketing technology provider in China, HYPERS is committed to helping brands discover customer insights, measure impacts, drive business growth. We’re proud of being trusted by industry leaders, including 20% of brands listed in the 2020 World’s Most Valuable Brands by Forbes.

    Hypers Marketing Cloud ingests and analyses all the customer data, integrates it with AI, and activates it to intelligently orchestrate personalized experiences across all touch points, in real-time, at scale.
  • 群脉
    MAI, an omni-channel social CRM platform, is focusing on customized solutions for enterprises.We make it possible for companies to achieve digital transformation. With the power of 'Omni-channel Customer Acquisition' and 'Operation of Private Domain Traffic',it could easily create a closed-loop marketing, improve the operational efficiency of existing market shares, develop new potential markets and help enterprises to achieve super growth.

    Relying on the platform strategy of "PaaS" + "SaaS" + "Value-added Services" and reliable technology core competitiveness, MAI has served 200 million+ consumers worldwide and 300,000+ corporate users successfully,such as Unilever, Danone, Medela, vivo, Burberry, Vanke and other fortune 500 companies, which have achieved an average user growth more than 30%.The renewal rate is 100%.

    For more information, please visit : http:/
  • GrowingIO
  • 深演智能|品友
    DeepZero, the first and largest MarTech Company in China, formerly known as iPinYou.

    With a broader vision of development, iPinYou has been upgraded to DeepZero in August 2019. Meanwhile, iPinYou remains as the MarTech sub-brand of DeepZero. DeepZero has been utilized artificial intelligence and big data technologies to empower marketing professionals increase decision-making efficiency and boost the development of AI empowers decisions in digital transformation with core technologies.

    DeepZero has provided data management service and digital advertising service for over 90% of the Fortune 500 companies across various industries including automotive, FMCG, retail, beauty, online service, pharmaceutical and finance. The intelligent decision and data processing capabilities of DeepZero is based on more than 50 patents, 40 software copyrights and 100 awards. Its data management platform leads the Strong Performers in the Forrester Wave™ in Asia Pacific.
  • 悠易互通
    Yoyi Digital is a global leader in AI driven marketing solutions and recognized internationally as a platform with constant innovation and consistent marketing effectiveness. Yoyi Digital has built a leading team with expertise in data science and machine learning technologies. Leading the advancement of the Martech industry in China, Yoyi Digital prides itself in helping brands fulfill their multi-screen, multi-function, multi-audience needs.

    Yoyi Digital launched the market’s first AI driven programmatic platform YOYI PLUS now upgraded into intelligent media management platform YOYI PlusX, customer data management platform YOYI DataBank and automatic consumer communication platform YOYI Hub. By integrating all platforms and technologies, Yoyi Digital is currently the only one-stop intelligent marketing platform to truly realize cross-screen strategies: PC, Mobile, Video, OTT and DOOH in China’s market.
  • 泛为科技
    Beijing Fancy information Technology Ltd,is a professional marketing technology company, relying on the integration of intelligent digital products, technical services and global media resources, serving more than a thousand brands and It includes many domestic and foreign Fortune 500, have become the preferred digital marketing service provider for brand owners.

    And through programmatic advertising, high-quality media exclusive agent, marketing SAAS, cross-border marketing and other products services, with innovative technology as the core driving force, we continue to explore disruptive technologies in the marketing field, link global brand owners and consumers, and help customers achieve brand success and business growth.
  • 网易传媒
    NetEase, Inc. (“NetEase”), as a leading internet technology company based in China, is dedicated to providing premium online services centered around innovative and diverse content, community, communication and commerce.

    NetEase develops and operates some of China’s most popular mobile and PC games. NetEase’s other innovative service offerings include the intelligent learning services of its majority-controlled subsidiary, Youdao; music streaming through its leading NetEase Cloud Music business; and its private label e-commerce platform, Yanxuan.
  • 友盟+
    Umeng+, a Chinese leading big data company with the mission of "data intelligence, driving business growth", provides professional universal big data service. It has established excellent technology and algorithm capabilities, combined with real-time updated data resources, covering 191 industry categories, outputs 300+ application or industry analysis indicators.

    Umeng+ has successfully helped Clients to drive business growth by providing one-stop Internet data product & service system. As of June 2020, it has provided professional data services for 2 million mobile applications and 8.9 million websites for 10 years.

    Umeng+ has a variety of well-known Clients, includeing China Mobile, CCTV, People's Daily App, Bytedance, etc.
  • 创略科技
    APEX Technologies is a customer data technology and AI company headquartered in Shanghai with offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Silicon Valley.  We combine cutting-edge big data and AI to tackle problems in areas of marketing, personalization, and customer analytics. We have served 300+ mid to large global and China enterprises in sectors of retail, automotive & mobility, travel, finance and ecommerce.
  • 233Digital
    233Digital was founded in September 2017, Social Thinking is our core business mindset to provide business value services for brands in China. We had 80+ team members who were mostly from top 4A firms and e-commerce platforms in the industry. Our company had many successful project experiences accumulated in social, e-commerce, new-retail and other marketing fields over the years, and we focused on offering integrated business solutions in social Marketing & social eCommerce.
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