• David Zhao
    David Zhao Brother Zhao The principal of the leading AI technology business

    The principal of the leading AI technology business IP “Brother Zhao,” who rapidly amassed 300,000 high-end business followers in just a few months.

    He is the founder of Yiduo Accelerator and serves as an external advisor for several AI application startup projects.

    With over ten years of experience in corporate digitalization consulting, he provides strategic, organizational, branding, and digitalization advisory services to numerous industrial companies.

    He has formerly held positions as a senior partner and head of the Industrial Internet Research Center at the largest local management consulting firm, Hejun Consulting.

    He is the author of best-selling business management books such as ‘Distributed Business’ and ‘Internet Thinking: The Nine Swords of Dugu.'”

  • Markus Strobel
    Markus Strobel P&G President - Skin & Personal Care

    Markus started at P&G in 1991 in Home Care and quickly transitioned to Beauty & Grooming, where he has established brands across fine fragrances, hair care, grooming and skin care. Under his leadership, the global Skin & Personal Care business significantly accelerated to achieve disproportionate growth.

    This is the second time that Markus Strobel, President of P&G Skin and Personal Care category, has come to speak at the GDMS conference.

    The world has changed since 2019 and he emphasized the increased complexity of the market. The topic of Markus’s presentation is “The Diamond of Growth” Model, he introduced four important principles: from consumer understanding to consumer obsession, from market share to market growth, from clicks to creative impact, from show to substance. He relates these principles to examples from P&G, motivating industry practitioners to apply the Diamond of Growth model in navigating challenging market conditions.

  • Xu Jia
    Xu Jia Ocean Engine General Manager of Marketing

    With 15 years of marketing strategy and integrated marketing experience, long-term service to the internet and e-commerce industries, and a keen understanding of online advertising in China and the globe, he currently works at Ocean Engine, where he is responsible for the branding and marketing of the Ocean Engine platform.

  • Yabin He
    Yabin He Mc Donald's China CGO

    Yabin is the first Chief Growth Officer for McDonald’s China. He oversees menu strategy, brand marketing, integrated marketing, traffic operations, membership marketing, McDelivery and McCafe business, to drive sustainable brand and business growth for over 5,400 restaurant across the Chinese mainland.

    Prior to McDonald’s, Yabin was the Chief Growth Officer of Greater China P&G, in charge of P&G growth strategy, TikTok commerce, digital & eCom capability. He has taken various roles and worked on 23 owned global brands in China during his 26 year tenure with P&G. He also created P&G Venture in China to lead the creation of new business models and new brands.

  • Saifei Shi
    Saifei Shi Tencent Marketing Solution Vertical Sales & Operations Department,Tencent Marketing Solution,Deputy General Manager

    Ms. Saifei Shi, with 15 years of specialization in internet marketing, has worked across various sectors, including fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive, real estate, healthcare, and the wedding photography industry. She has successfully led her team in delivering full-spectrum digital marketing strategies, significantly enhancing advertising performance and growth in sectors she served. Her expertise encompasses brand development, consumer education, boosting advertising outcomes, and managing private domain operations, all contributing to the efficient achievement of clients’ business objectives.

  • Roy ZHOU

    A seasoned veteran in digital marketing, Roy currently serves as the CEO of YOYI Tech, a leading provider of omnichannel intelligent marketing platforms. Prior to joining YOYI Tech, Roy held the position of Head of Google AdSense in the Asia Pacific and Japan region. Under his leadership, he established high-performing teams, transforming Google AdSense to be the No.1 Ad Network in the region and growing revenue to US$1 billion from scratch in less than six years. Before his tenure at Google, Roy played pivotal roles at 3Com Asia and Sun Microsystems China. Roy holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.

  • Cindy Shen
    Cindy Shen Tapestry China digital hub Director,Digital data operations and optimization
  • Zhenkai Dai
    Zhenkai Dai 百度 MEG销售业务平台行业五部总经理
  • Joanna Lu
    Joanna Lu Bain & Company Expert Partner

    Joanna Lu is an expert partner in our global Consumer Products and Marketing Excellence practices, based in Shanghai.

    With more than 25 years of global and local brand marketing experience, Joanna has developed sharp insights and a forward-looking, strategic vision into consumer trends, specializing in brand building and innovation, integrated marketing strategy, channel excellence, growth path driven by new consumption, digital transformation of enterprise value network, etc. Since joining Bain, she has led multiple consultancy projects for leading consumer products brands, focusing on building innovation capabilities and exploring new growth models for the industry. In addition, she works to drive disruptive growth for insurgents and is a lecturer for the Hundun College’s “Navigating Through the Downturn” course. She is the co-author of several Bain’s whitepapers, including China Growth Formula, Bain x Douyin 2021 Douyin E-commerce White Paper, Bain x Tmall Pet Brand Playbook, Bain x Meituan White Paper on Food Delivery Operation System. Committed to improving team marketing capabilities, she has also developed and launched a series of marketing training courses, actively engaged in the development of young marketing talent with a global vision.

    Throughout her career, Joanna has led and advised consumer products brands and their marketing teams, as well as key Digital giants. She has direct professional experience across the United States and Asia-Pacific, especially China and South Korea.

    Prior to joining Bain & Company, she worked at Coca-Cola as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for Greater China and Korea. With her unique strategic vision and excellent leadership skills, she has led the team to be consumer-centric, understand market trends, establish new marketing logic and brand growth formulas, and successfully shape multiple brands worth more than US$1 billion. Through a clear growth strategy, a full-dimensional innovation drive, and a series of well-known marketing cases, it has promoted the rapid growth of the business to become the undisputed first in China’s beverage industry, and has won many marketing awards such as the 2019 Effie Gold Award.

    Joanna has received numerous awards for her outstanding leadership, including being named one of HBR China’s inaugural “Top 30 Leaders in New-Growth Innovations in China”, one of Campaign APAC’s “Most Influential CMOs” in 2018 and one of Advertising Age’s “Women to Watch China” in 2014. Joanna is the “New Consumption Era” columnist for CEIBS Business Review. She is also a judge for the 2022 Cannes Lions, W Awards, the ROI Awards, and the WARC Awards.

    Prior to joining Coca-Cola, Joanna spent 10 years at Unilever in a variety of marketing leadership positions.

    Joanna holds an MBA and a B.A. in Biophysics from Fudan University.

  • Ye FENG
    Ye FENG Li-Ning Group VP
  • Guo Xiao
    Guo Xiao Beneunder CMO
  • Kelly Liu
    Kelly Liu Gant APAC CMO

    Ms. Kelly Liu is the Asia Pacific CMO of apparel brand Gant and has more than 20 years of experience in the marketing field. She is good at the use of digital media and brand strategies development and is committed to promoting the success of enterprises in the Asia-Pacific market.

    Before joining Gant, Ms. Kelly Liu worked as the head of marketing department at Helly Hansen, PVH, Adidas, Pernod Ricard and Unilever.

    Kelly focuses on the development of brand strategies and provides market strategy guarantees for the long-term and stable development of the brand based on the company’s core values ​​and market needs. As a senior brand leader, she has led the team to achieve outstanding performance growth and increase brand influence. She has extensive knowledge and practical experience in the fields of digital media, social media management and online and offline integrated marketing.

    Ms. Kelly Liu graduated from Shanghai International Studies University and is currently studying at HEMBA of China Europe International Business School(CEIBS)

  • XinYuan Gao
    XinYuan Gao Weibo Chief Analyst of Weibo Case Marketing

    Have more than 10 years of marketing-related work, and deeply cultivate the business cooperation, marketing strategy and industry marketing work of multi-industry tracks such as fast-moving food, beauty cosmetics, household appliances 3C and luxury goods; Mainly participated in digital marketing practice in recent years, analyzed marketing methods and disseminated Weibo’s unique social media marketing value, methodology and practice.

    Committed to promoting the business development of the whole industry with rich experience in strategic analysis, content creativity and marketing case studies of the Internet marketing industry.

  • Qiang LI
    Qiang LI Bosideng CIO
  • Li Tang
    Li Tang Bestore Head of Brand Marketing Center & Head of Social E-commerce Center
  • Haifeng Mao
    Haifeng Mao XMOV VP

    Mr. Mao Haifeng is currently VP of Xmov and is fully in charge of commercialization related business. With over 20 years in marketing and Internet advertising, he is very experienced in content commercialization.


    Prior to joining Xmov, Mr. Mao was VP of Magnetic Engine under the Commercialization division of Kuaishou, responsible for nationwide brand KA sales and the content commercialization product promotion. Before that, he worked at Tencent for 13 years and has been engaged in advertising marketing management.

  • Gaoming Chen
    Gaoming Chen Xiaomi Group GM of Brand Advertising Division,Internet Business Dept.

    Mr. Gaoming Chen leads Brand Advertising Division for Xiaomi Internet Business Department. With 20 years of experience in online marketing, he is a pioneer of OTT marketing, mobile advertising and scenario marketing. He is also a visiting professor of Advertising School of Communication University of China, final judge of China Advertising Great-Wall Award, the Effie Award (Greater China) .

    Mr. Gaoming Chen joined Xiaomi Internet Business Department in January 2016. Under Xiaomi’s strategic framework of “Human x Car x Home , All your needs in one smart ecosystem “, he has fully integrated Xiaomi’s ecological capabilities, and continuously explored OTT, mobile and scenario marketing methodologies, while protecting user privacy and experience. He has established an intelligent marketing model and customer service system based on Xiaomi’s ecological advantages, explored OTT marketing, advertising and sales model, and helped brand owners to expand into more business scenarios.

  • Francis Li
    Francis Li Mengniu Group CDO

    Francis Chengjie Li is currently the Chief Digital Officer of Mengniu Group.
    Ms Li is an expert in the field of digital strategy. Prior to joining Mengniu, she has been serving as Managing Director of Digital and Innovation of CapitaLand China, Co-Chief Growth Officer of Fosun Group and President of Fosun Alliance to spearhead the digitalization to increase the penetration of the companies’ products and services.

    Furthermore, with the rich industrial know-how and experience in leverage with open innovation, she is accomplished in business process re-engineering to enhance productivity, while creating a new revenue avenue through digital transformation.
    Francis Li holds master degree from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées France, and TONGJI University.

  • Yang Yang
    Yang Yang Tim Hortons CMO China

    Yang Yang (YY),

    CMO of Tim Hortons China. 15 years of experience in business consulting, growth marketing, CRM, omni-channel sales and digital.

  • Wang Guangdong
    Wang Guangdong Fotile Digital Marketing Director

    Mr. Wang Guangdong joined FOTILE Group in 2013, where he has taken on various roles, including Marketing Manager for kitchen ventilation products, Product GTM and Market Director for the Beijing region. In 2022, he was appointed as the Digital Marketing Director for FOTILE Group. He brings extensive and successful experience in areas such as marketing, brand development, channel management, project management, and strategy.

    At present, he is leading the digital transformation of FOTILE Group’s retail system and is responsible for the operations related to digital marketing.

  • Peking Tan
    Peking Tan Dean of Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science Vice President Mininglamp Technology Group
  • Tina Chen
    Tina Chen Shiseido China Senior Vice President,Chief Digital Offcer

    Tina is a seasoned digital practitioner and strategist with 20+ years exeprience both in China and U.S., with proven record in driving consumer & media data insights, building digital platforms & alliances, launching digital marketing innovation and delivering tangible results through end to end digital transformation.

    Prior to Shisedio, Tina was Managing Director of Accenture Greater China, as New Retail & FMCG Industry Lead and China Digital Hub Lead. Tina rotated her careers as strategy consultant at BCG, business designer at IDEO and later as intrapreneur driving digital strategy & platform play in China.

    Tina holds bachelor’s degree from Shanghai International Studies University, China and master’s degree from Duke University, USA.

  • Shelley Wang
    Shelley Wang Xiaohongshu Chief Marketing Officer

    Shelley Wang, General Manager of bilibili Marketing Center, is responsible for integrating various media resources of bilibil( an iconic brand and a leading video community with a mission to enrich the everyday life of the young generations in China), providing advertisers with digital media marketing solutions fit for young people.

    Shelley Wang has over 10 years of Internet media marketing experience, and has unique understandings of digital marketing, social marketing, content marketing and media integration; Before joining bilibili, she successively worked for Renren and Tencent, creating many excellent digital marketing cases for customers under the changeable network media environment. She will lead the bilibili Marketing Center to create a new digital marketing model for youth in China, providing advertisers with media solutions based on bilibili’s unique youth community culture and online and offline businesses.

  • Grace Zhu
    Grace Zhu Mdlz China VP, MKT & Growth
  • Shelley
    Shelley bilibili General Manager of bilibili Marketing Center

    Shelley Wang, General Manager of bilibili Marketing Center, is responsible for integrating various media resources of bilibil( an iconic brand and a leading video community with a mission to enrich the everyday life of the young generations in China), providing advertisers with digital media marketing solutions fit for young people.

    Shelley Wang has over 10 years of Internet media marketing experience, and has unique understandings of digital marketing, social marketing, content marketing and media integration; Before joining bilibili, she successively worked for Renren and Tencent, creating many excellent digital marketing cases for customers under the changeable network media environment. She will lead the bilibili Marketing Center to create a new digital marketing model for youth in China, providing advertisers with media solutions based on bilibili’s unique youth community culture and online and offline businesses.

  • Huifeng Sun
    Huifeng Sun Kuaishou Magnetic Engine Head of Marketing Strategy
  • Kriskay Choo
    Kriskay Choo Kriskay Choo Greater China Growth Manager

    Kris is responsible for assisting The Sandbox in advocating about the open metaverse, to build more ecosystem partners and to connect more creators and communities within The Sandbox Greater China.

    Kris has been in the marketing space over the past 10 years, which had been integral to giving him exposure to the blockchain space.  As an advocate of blockchain, he started out as an early contributor to the Ethereum community and never looked back.

    Over the past 7 years, he has helped many communities enter the Web 3 space helped many clients to set up and launch their projects onto the blockchain. Having worked on an array of Web 3 projects for himself and for his clients, Kris has a consistent passion for contributing to the space.
    Currently Kris is assisting more brands to design and strategise their corporate metaverse experience in The Sandbox while growing more creators within the community to build using The Sandbox tools.

  • Paul Lu
    Paul Lu Intel China CMO

    Paul Lu, CMO of Intel China. Before his current role as PRC marketing head, Paul has made significant contributions over two years leading the Olympic Program office Beijing team, establishing and expanding strategic senior-level relationships, including the Beijing 2022 Olympic Organizing Committee, China National Olympic Committee as well a number of global and domestic level partners.  Through his passionate commitment and leadership, Paul and the team have developed a strong pipeline of technology activations that cover the breadth of Intel’s product portfolio and provide significant scaling opportunities in China and beyond.

    During Paul’s 17 years with Intel, he has gained a huge breadth of experience across product brand & marketing strategy, creative development, Corporate events & retail marketing. He served as brand, creative, event, IOTG marketing director, market research director, CCG market strategy manager, and product marketing manager. In his spare time, Paul enjoys watching European and China soccer as well as playing soccer, tennis, and table tennis.

    Paul holds an MBA from Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada.

  • Josh Ding
    Josh Ding Moderator:BCG Managing Director and Partner
  • Louis Cheng
    Louis Cheng Marketing VP Pernod Ricard China

    Louis Cheng has served as Marketing VP of Pernod Ricard China since September 2023.

    Louis first joined Pernod Ricard Australia as Marketing Manager of Wine & Champagne in 2012, bringing 13 years of FMCG experience. Louis then moved to Pernod Ricard China in 2014 to lend his expertise as Brand Director of Wine and Champagne. In 2016, Louis was then appointed Brand Director of Cognac, where he led the team to deliver consecutive years of growth with the re-segmentation of the Cognac business and portfolio architecture, crafted new consumption occasions, developed an e-commerce business, and launched Martell’s first ever flagshipstore – L’AtelierMartell.

    In July 2021, Louis was officially appointed Marketing VP of Pernod Ricard Asia, where he headed a team responsible for the strategic planning, M&A, innovation, digital acceleration,the development and growth of all markets across Asia, as well as the establishment of the China’s first iconic malt whisky distillery.

    In September 2023, Louis was appointed Marketing VP of Pernod Ricard China.

    Louis Cheng holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with merit from the University of New South Wales.

  • Florence Lu
    Florence Lu a2 MC VP of Marketing Greater China

    Florence Lu is the VP of Marketing, Greater China at the a2 Milk Company Limited. She has 20 years of marketing experience across 4 industries, including FMCG, Cosmetics, Consumer Health Care and Mom & Baby. She has worked with companies such as Wrigley’s Confectionery, L’Oreal, Clarins Cosmetics, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health Care.

    During her years of marketing management, Florence Lu has achieved numerous successes. While in charge of the Calcium brand at Pfizer HealthCare, she led the team to grow the brand business from 1 billion RMB to 2.5 billion RMB, contributing more than 60% of Pfizer Consumer Health Care business in China and 39% of Asia-Pacific, and successfully regaining No. 1 market share for Caltrate.

    Florence Joined a2 MC in 2021 as VP of Marketing, Greater China. She achieved record high  market share and brand awareness for a2 brand by re-designing a2 marketing organization, leading team transform with talented people, repositioning and rebuilding a2 brand and sharpening innovation pipepline for future growth.

  • Leo Li
    Leo Li Netease Media Vice President

    Mr. Leo, joined NetEase in 2013 and now serves as the vice president of NetEase Media, fully responsible for the NetEase Media Marketing Management Center,Strategic Operation Department and Investment Department. For many years, he has been the vice president of China Advertising Association, Deputy Director of Modern Advertising Awards, the judge of Advertising Award, and the judge of TMA Mobile Marketing Award and Golden Pupil Award of Chinese Content Marketing,etc.

    From 4A to Internet media work experience, so that he has a professional and sharp marketing vision and rich unique strategy and marketing management experience.During his tenure at NetEase Media, he initiated and deepened the development of NetEase “Attitude Marketing” System, led the team to create popular cases winning major domestic and foreign mainstream industry awards for many times, which established the NetEase “Attitude Marketing” – well-known inside as well outside the industry position.

  • Mandy Zhang
    Mandy Zhang smart Automobile Vice President of Global Sales,Marketing and After-Sales

    Ms. Mandy Zhang holds the position of Vice President of Global Sales, Marketing and After-Sales of smart Automobile, and serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of smart Europe GmbH. Before joining smart Automobile, Ms. Mandy Zhang was deeply immersed in China‘s premium automobile market for more than 20 years, holding senior management positions at a number of different international brands. She has the vision and insight, as well as the excellent leadership required to manage the company‘s international operations.

    Ms. Mandy Zhang joined the Mercedes-Benz brand in 2000 via the Management Associate Program, marking her official start in the automobile industry. Over the following 20 years, she held senior management positions in multinational partnerships, corporate strategy, brand operation, sales management, retail business management and training, and has made outstanding contributions to  Mercedes-Benz in China. During this period, she was also directly involved in smart brand’s successful entry into the Chinese market, witnessing the brand become the urban mobility companion to large group of customers across China.

    Ms. Mandy Zhang graduated from Renmin University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Economics in 1996. In 2009, she received a diploma from part-time studies in the Application of Finance at Peking University, and in 2021 was awarded an EMBA by the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) .

  • Jessie Jin
    Jessie Jin smart Automobile Senior Director of Customer Development in China
  • Winnie Shao
    Winnie Shao MUJI China Chief Marketing Officer

    Ms. Winnie Shao currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at MUJI (China). Mainly responsible for the development and promotion of MUJI’s brand building and localization strategies in China. Leading the activities on the digital transformation of the brand, which includes a comprehensive digital upgrade on business models (On-demand retail), consumer services, user experience (CRM system upgrades and digital marketing tactics), and the company’s internal management systems. Additionally, overseeing the development and implementation of MUJI China’s omnichannel strategy.

    Prior to joining MUJI, Ms. Winnie Shao held many key positions: such as Chief Marketing Officer at Bianlifeng and Marketing Managers in McDonald’s (China), Nestlé (China), and Ting Hsin International Group; more than 20years in marketing and strategic planning.

    Ms. Winnie Shao has rich experience in brand marketing and digital transformation across various industries, such as fast-moving consumer goods, catering, and chain retail in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Her outstanding expertise covers brand management, product innovation, CRM, and the expansion of new business and new channels.

  • Kathy Tong
    Kathy Tong Robam Chief Digital and Marketing Officer

    Kathy received her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Minnesota in the U.S. and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) at Singapore Management University. Kathy has been serving as a judge for the Effie Awards in the Greater China region since 2019 and master’s thesis advisor at South China Normal University since 2022.

    With over 20 years of experience in marketing and management, Kathy specializes in business model innovation and transformation,corporate strategic planning, expansion into new productcategories, content marketing, and user operations.Under Kathy’s leadership, Robam, a leading Chinese kitchen appliance brand, has been top ranked in the market over the years. Kathy embarked on a brand upgrade journey, empowering brand perception and rapidly growing business.

    Kathy has actively contributed to and promoted the digital transformation of Robam, exploring from segmental breakthroughs to enterprise-level digital integration management in an effort to achieve data-driven business operations and improve quality and efficiency.Kathy has also adjusted the product portfolio of Robam to meet the diverse demands of consumers for “personalization, intelligence, and youthfulness”, to ensure that Robam maintains a strong position in the current kitchen appliance industry while consistently leading the way

  • Robin Liu
    Robin Liu Miniso VP & CMO Robin Liu

    Robin Liu works as the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Miniso. He is responsible for MINISO’s global brand marketing, product marketing, public relations and user operations.

    With over 16 years of marketing & communications experiences from both in-house and agency sides, Robin has accumulated professional experience in Brand Management, Product Marketing & Operation, and maintained solid media and partner relations, and possessed extensive knowledge and a profound understanding of TMT & FMCG industries.

  • Yi Han
    Yi Han XPENG Motors Vice President of Marketing

    Frankie Yi, Vice President of Marketing at XPENG, is responsible for brand and marketing, public relations, and communications.

    Since joining XPENG in February 2023, Frankie has led various initiatives to transform the company’s brand and marketing operations. His focus includes refining brand strategy, optimizing marketing strategies, enhancing public relations, improving user community operations, and strengthening digital marketing efforts. These initiatives have not only improved the company’s operation efficiency but also contributed to sales and business successes.

    Before joining XPENG, Frankie Yi held several significant positions in the automotive industry, including Geely Auto Group, Volvo Greater China, Lynk & Co, and smart Automobile China. With extensive experience spanning several years in the automotive sector, especially in building new brands, Frankie brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

  • Zhang Rui
    Zhang Rui Social Touch Founder and CEO

    Social Touch is dedicated to building an integrated marketing creativity ecosystem platform in China, providing brands with intimate symbiosis and competitive bidding experience to help brands develop more efficiently.

    Zhang Rui graduated from Peking University, is a second-term student of Lakeside Research Center, and holds a financial EMBA from Tsinghua Wudaokou; he also serves as a consultant for Xinhua News Agency’s “National Brand Day”, director of Effie Awards Greater China, honorary tutor of Procter & Gamble’s Digital Marketing College, and partner of Lenovo Star Satellite Fund. In 2017 and 2018, he consecutively received the highest honor in management awarded by “Harvard Business Review” – the Ram Charan Management Practice Award.

    In addition, Zhang Rui has been invited as the professional judge of many domestically and internationally renowned prizes such as the Effie Awards, ROI Festival, ECI Awards, China Content Marketing Awards and V Marketing China Awards, etc.

  • Wang Guangdong
    Wang Guangdong Fangtai Digital Marketing Director

    Mr. Wang Guangdong joined FOTILE Group in 2013, where he has taken on various roles, including Marketing Manager for kitchen ventilation products, Product GTM and Market Director for the Beijing region. In 2022, he was appointed as the Digital Marketing Director for FOTILE Group. He brings extensive and successful experience in areas such as marketing, brand development, channel management, project management, and strategy.

    At present, he is leading the digital transformation of FOTILE Group’s retail system and is responsible for the operations related to digital marketing.

  • Shengli Shi
    Shengli Shi Metro China ,General Manager of Marketing Department
  • Minxia Shen
    Minxia Shen Bayer Consumer Health China Classic Brands BU Head

    Ms. Shen leads Classic Brands BU of Bayer Consumer Health in China overlooking portfolio across key therapeutic areas: Allergy, Cold & Flu, Dermatology, Women Health Shen is an internationally recognized professional with an unique combination of local & global commercial operation experience. She held leadership roles in key Global markets – China, Japan, France, and in the ASEAN region with Loreal, GSK and Bayer.  She has led her teams in digital/innovation transformation with deep understanding of megabrand management, product innovation, and operation strategy, to achieve above market-growth within cosmetics, consumer healthcare, and in the pharmaceutical industry with numerus award wining initiatives

  • Derek
    Derek LemonBox 创始人/CEO

    Derek spent last decent between the US and China, and previously was the lead of Walmart’s cross boarder ecommerce in the China market. In 2016, he founded LEMONBOX, a AI powered nutrition technology company, in the Silicon Valley, to mainly serve Millennials in China with healthy life style, nutrition products and services. Derek holds MBA and Public Policy Dual Master degree from the Booth School of Business University of Chicago.

  • Yujin Luo
    Yujin Luo Jala Group General Manager, Big Data Center

    Graduated from the Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2001 with a PhD in Neural Network Engineering. In the same year, joined the Lenovo Group Research Institute. In 2013, joined Alibaba as a senior product expert, where led the startup teams of Alibaba’s big data platforms, including “YuShanFang”, “Brand Data Bank”, and “Strategy Center”. In 2017, left Alibaba to start his own business.

    In 2021, joined JALA Group as the General Manager of the Big Data Center, responsible for the group digital architecture, and construction of digital projects such as “Omni-channel Inventory Management”, “Data Middle-End Platform”, and “Smart Marketing Automation System”. He has formed an enterprise digital system that is oriented towards production delivery, sales delivery, and intelligent marketing, providing a foundation and driving force for JALA Group’s digital transformation.

  • Cheng Wang
    Cheng Wang Convertlab CPO & CoFounder

    Cheng Wang is the Chief Product Officer of Convertlab, responsible for product strategy and product consulting, implementation and operational services and management of the Convertlab Marketing Cloud Product Matrix CMC (Convertlab Marketing Cloud). Mr. Wang has served many digital marketing projects of leading brands at home and abroad, and has rich experience in digital marketing programs and consulting.

    Wang Cheng has served SAP China for more than 10 years, managing a product development and product management team of nearly 300 people in SAP, and creating SAP Anywhere, SAP’s new generation of SaaS product from scratch, which is SAP’s first SaaS product for the Chinese market and SMEs.

    Wang has nearly 20 years of experience in enterprise service software development, consulting and implementation, project management, product management and team management. In the early years, he focused on ERP, CRM, BI products,and global customers for large enterprises, and in recent years, he focuses on SaaS products, digital marketing solutions and the Chinese market.

  • Kevin Hu
    Kevin Hu NOWWA 高级副总裁
  • Trista Chen
    Trista Chen IKEA China Integrated Marketing, Customer Engagement & Loyalty Directorl

    IKEA China Integrated Marketing, Customer Engagement & Loyalty Director.She spent 13+ years focusing on brand building, integrated marketing campaigns, e-marketing and CRM, good at  leading transformation in multi-national culture organization.

  • Sai Zhang
    Sai Zhang Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co.Ltd President Executive Assistant
  • Tomy Chan
    Tomy Chan Publicis Groupe Managing Director, Head of Tech

    With over 20 years of experience, Tomy is responsible for building data & technology solutions as well as testing emerging tech-related opportunities, which includes AI.

    Tomy has vast industry experience within start-ups, VC firms, experiential and digital agencies. He is considered as an innovator, entrepreneur and expert in data driven innovation, with a proven track record across verticals such as FMCG, automobile and technology.

  • Jienan Yu
    Jienan Yu Ocean Engine head of branded advertising products

    With 10 years of experience in Internet advertising products and operations, she has long served brand customers in different industries and types, and has always been committed to providing brands with more efficient integrated marketing solutions through content marketing and innovative products to make brand growth more certain. She is currently working in Ocean Engine Commercial Product Center, responsible for the operation of branded advertising products.

  • Xianhe Chen
    Xianhe Chen Good Baby GM of Brand Centre

    Xianhe Chen is the general manager of Goodbaby Brand Center in China. Who is responsible for the formulation of brand and marketing strategy and the implementation of brand marketing activities of Goodbaby in China.

    Chen graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University with a major in visual arts and has 15 years of marketing experience as well. He is committed to leading brands to pursue better communication and brand driving force.

  • Diego Heinz
    Diego Heinz oppo Creative Strategist Global Digital Marketing

    Diego Heinz joined OPPO in 2022 as a Creative Strategist, facilitating cross-team collaboration and building a comprehensive content roadmap defined by content pillars that deeply connect with user needs and preferences. He merges the realms of advertising, storytelling, and design to effectively engage audiences and leave a lasting impact.

    Before joining OPPO, Diego was at OnePlus for nearly a decade, playing a key role in the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology. He led digital marketing initiatives and worked with renowned partners, including McLaren, Google, and Qualcomm. Prior to his tenure in China, Diego worked in Brazil at various advertising agencies and in-house marketing for streetwear brands.

    With a diverse career spanning over two decades in the dynamic world of advertising, Diego brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the forefront. From graphic design to team management, his ability to see problems from both sides has been paramount in simplifying complex challenges and crafting compelling solutions.

    Diego can be found regularly writing on LinkedIn and participating in various programs related to Brand Management, Strategic Planning, and Branding, highlighting his commitment to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of industry trends. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from Unisinos University and hasn’t stopped exploring ever since.

  • Flora Ma
    Flora Ma unilever Head of Data Hub and Media North Asia

    Flora joined Unilever as management trainee after graduation from USTC. Flora owns rich experiences in FMCG starting as Finance business partners to support multi-functions including media, marketing, sales, and supply chain.

    Since 2017, she worked as strategy director to support Unilever North Asia leadership team and performance management director at the same time.

    She was appointed as Media Head of Unilever North Asia in 2020 and expand to Data hub in 2023, continue to drive integrated media strategy to improve media effectiveness and efficiency and maximize value of data in business operation.

  • Joslyn Wu
    Joslyn Wu VF Senior Brand Director, The North Face AP

    Joslyn Wu joined VF Group in March 2021 as Senior Brand Director, The North Face. She is responsible for the development of brand and marketing strategies as well as the execution of marketing campaigns for The North Face brand in Asia Pacific region.

    Prior to VF, Joslyn worked as Brand Director of AB Inbev, where she was responsible for the marketing management of Budweiser, Hoegaarden, Harbin beer and several other brands, and served in multiple positions in both China and GHQ, where she gained extensive knowledge of consumer insight, brand communication strategies  as well as marketing integration of global brands in multiple regions including China.

    Joslyn holds a Bachelor of Diplomatic Studies from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies , and Master’s degree of Communication Studies  from the Communication University of China.

  • Niuniu
    Niuniu HP China Ecommerce Director Greater China

    +10 years extensive experience in eCommerce cross different industries, witnessed the gradual transformation of e-commerce advertising from brand communication to performance marketing and then to today’s brand + effect + content Omnichannel marketing cross all consumer touch points.

    Engaging in this disruptive revolution of eCommerce marketing, we follow the traffic trend and continue to innovate to benefit brands   from this transformation while continuing to further engage and help customers through their lifetime with us.

  • Max Li
    Max Li Yili Digital Media Manager, Marketing Department

    Max Li is currently in charge of Digital Media in Yili’s Marketing Department, responsible for formulating strategies, managing marketing resources and overseeing advertising campaigns in various digital media channels, such as social media and e-commerce.

    Before joining Yili, Max was in charge of media operations in the Tmall Supermarket division of Alibaba Group. Prior to that, he had worked for several years at JD Retail Advertising and Hyundai Motor China. He possesses extensive experience in the fields of digital media and FMCG.

    Max has years of experience in digital marketing and advertising strategies on e-commerce platforms and brands, deep understanding of online user behavior, and pursuit of innovative marketing drive him to lead Yili’s Digital Media in delivering better products and communication to every user.

    Max graduated from Heilongjiang University with a major in Advertising in 2008, and earned a master’s degree in Brand Design Management from Korea’s Sungkyunkwan University in 2012.

  • Wei Xu
    Wei Xu Wufangzhai Deputy General Manager

    Xu Wei,


    senior economist,


    She is currently deputy general manager of Zhejiang Wu Fang Zhai Industrial Co., Ltd. , deputy secretary-general of Zhejiang time-honored Brands Association, deputy secretary-general of Jiaxing Intellectual Property Association, and Professional tutor outside school of graduate student in CHINA NATIONAL RICE RESEARCH INSTITUTE .At the same time,she engaged in the food industry for more than 20 years. In the field of time-honored brand innovation , she has accumulated rich experience and results.

    “Wufangzhai”brand developed from a regional brand to a national well-known brand,and it is her contribution!Because she manages the brand from multiple dimensions such as brand strategic planning, product innovation value design, brand communication and public relations, brand maintenance and management.

    At the same time, she applied the concept of integrated marketing communication to promote product innovation, IP cross-border marketing, and other aspects to achieve the rejuvenation of the Wufangzhai brand,and make it a typical case of traditional brand innovation.

  • Xuan MO
    Xuan MO Aima Tech CBO
  • Lawrence Wang
    Lawrence Wang Moderator:We Are Social Head of Cultural Insight Strategy
  • Mengke Qin
    Mengke Qin Southern Black Sesame E-commerce Company General Manager

    Mr. Qin Mengke is currently the General Manager of Southern Black Sesame E-commerce Company, fully responsible for the development of online e-commerce sales and marketing strategies for the Southern Black Sesame brand, as well as the marketing management of the brand’s private domain.

    Mr. Qin Mengke has over ten years of experience as an operator in the e-commerce industry, with rich experience in e-commerce operations and internet marketing. Mr. Qin Mengke joined Southern Black Sesame Group in early 2015 and has been working for over 8 years now. He is one of the core veterans of the establishment of the Southern Black Sesame E-commerce Company, and also the brand manager of the Southern Black Sesame Seed brand “Black Nourishing Black”. In recent years, as the person in charge of digital marketing transformation in the private domain of enterprises, have carried a heavy burden.

  • Xiaosi CAO
    Xiaosi CAO LOCH LOMOND Group Head of Media and User Operation

    Cecilia is the Head of Content, Communication and User Operations in Meijian Brand Marketing team. Meijian attaches great importance to co-creating content with users while providing high-quality products and services. Cecilia is responsible of establishing the brand’s uer operation system and integrating branding content into it, achieving the goals of user online, user interaction, user co-creation, and user sharing.

    Before joining Meijian, Cecilia worked at Beam Suntory Spirits. At the outburst of Covid-19, she quickly brought her work of an brand ambassador online, and therefore saw the trend of digital marketing–which enables omni-channel user recognition and online & offline interaction. As one of the initial members, she worked with her colleagues to build the framework and structure of the company’s digital marketing department. The WeChat mini program Beam Suntory Academy, released in 2021, has achieved the goal of millions of data in one and half years.

    Cecilia graduated from Business School at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2010, and later worked at the New Zealand Consulate General in Hong Kong as a trade policy analyst. Her deep interest of whisky led her to wine and spirits industry.

  • Eric Ren
    Eric Ren Junlebao Dairy Group Minister of Innovation Marketing
  • Tracy Ta
    Tracy Ta Mindshare Managing Director, Beijing Office Head

    Holding a Masters degree in Social Psychology from The Renmin University of China,  Tracy is a fifteen-year veteran of Mindshare, with extensive experience leading teams to deliver effective integrated marketing for clients. Under her leadership, Mindshare’s relationship with Yili has been recognized consistently in both local, regional, and international award shows. She was most recently recognized by Campaign Asia’s Women to Watch 2022.

    This year, Tracy was appointed as Mindshare’s Beijing Office Head, and currently oversees all client accounts in Beijing, including Qualcomm, IBM, Heineken, and many others in addition to Yili.

  • Jinglin Liang
    Jinglin Liang Lofree Brand Director

    Liang Jinglin, a brand consulting practitioner and senior marketer, is the brand director of the original lifestyle brand Lofree.We believe that behind consumption is consumers’ desire for a better life. To stimulate the audience’s purchasing desire, one must understand how to create aspirations.From product development to marketing, it is essentially a brand oriented lifestyle proposal for consumers. Satisfying consumers’ desire for a better life with products and services is increasingly becoming a new engine for brand growth.Designed to satisfy a personalized atmosphere, Lofree Loffe continuously assists every Fei friend to achieve “My 2m ² ,  Be with all the ones you like.

  • Marco Li
    Marco Li LVMH Beauty Group head of Data Expert Center

    Marco Li, head of the LVMH Beauty Group data expert center, over 15 years of experience of MarTech, digital transformation, market research, and data analysis, etc.

  • Jiajun Lu
    Jiajun Lu lululemon Director, Global Guest Experience & Innovation Global

    Jiajun Lu joined lululemon as global guest experience & innovation director and is responsible for leading China guest experience team to develop and introduce guest-centric innovation, concepts, and services to build an experiential eco-system that elevate lululemon China guest experience to unlock growth and inform global scalability and profitability in short and long term.

    Jiajun is a profond strategist and practitioner with 18 years exeprience in domestic and overseas regions, with a solid performance in business strategy development, company digital transformation, operatoin excellence elevation and organization optimization .

    Prior to lululemon, Jiajun was Retail Operations & Strategy Director, for Sephora China.  In this role he led the entire retail operation team to drive the offline business to the target, as well as various omni initiatives and consumer experience innovations located in stores.  Before Sephoa, Jiajun also worked as Strategy & PMO director in Swarovski greater China. Prior to that, he worked as a strategy consultant in Roland Berger in early career.

    Jiajun is a guest lecturer on business strategy and digital transformation topics.  He holds a Bachelor of Management Science & Engineering from Fudan University, China.

  • Carter Hou
    Carter Hou moody Co-founder

    Carter Hou, Cofounder of VIM Technology and Director of SPEC Department, Cornell SHA ’18, work to develop innovative eye fashion products with better techonolgy, design and creativity in China.

  • Nikita Zeng
    Nikita Zeng Cka Beauty Co-founder & VPPhilia Li

    The co-founder and chief strategy development and investment officer of CKA Group, a company that owns skin care brand “CKA” and body care brand “HUKO”. Before founding CKA Group, I worked as the brand director of Alpha Group, a well-known domestic animation company, and Hanhoo Cosmetics Group, a famous domestic brand. I have more than 15 years of brand management experience, and have rich experience and outstanding achievements in brand building and marketing. I have successfully built brands with a scale of 1 billion in different periods and different tracks, and each time I have doubled the speed of brand building, from 6 years to only 2 years.

  • Zhai Pengfei
    Zhai Pengfei Baseus MD

    Mr. Zhai Pengfei currently holds the position of Domestic Marketing Director at Baseus. He is fully responsible for overseeing Baseus’ domestic strategy, operations, marketing, and customer service.

    Mr. Zhai has previously worked with renowned Fortune 500 companies such as Midea and Huawei. With nearly 20 years of experience in corporate strategic planning and hands-on marketing, he possesses sharp insights and unique perspectives on trends and competitive dynamics within the consumer electronics industry.

  • Lin Danxia
    Lin Danxia Zhejiang Senge Intelligent Kitchen Appliance Co., LTD Head of brand center

    Focusing on enterprise brand marketing for more than 13 years, he has many years of experience in brand strategy, content creation, public relations, media and digital marketing, and has experienced the whole process of brand planning, construction and promotion of enterprises from more than 100 million to more than 10 billion. Currently working in Zhejiang Senge Intelligent Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd, as the brand leader.

  • Chao Yang
    Chao Yang BABI Founder

    Mr. Yang Chao is the founder and CEO of BABI brand, an entrepreneur in the consumer goods industry, focusing on the consumer goods track. He founded the beauty brand BABI in August 2022. One year after the brand was launched, it achieved sales exceeding 100 million yuan per month.Before establishing the BABI brand, Mr. Yang Chao operated and managed over 10 international beauty brand flagship stores. Starting from 2021,Mr. Yang Chao began his transformation from TP operations to an original brand in 2021, focusing on the consumer goods track. Incubated multiple consumer product brand care brands: PHX, PINK GAME, BABI, and Mystery Story. Mr. Yang Chao is skilled in brand incubation, online operations, and social marketing, and has experience in building new brands and operating mature brands from scratch. PHX brand has been online for one year, and the cumulative sales of single item underwear cleaning solution have exceeded 100W bottles, ranking among the top 5 brands in the industry. BABI brand launched for one yearThe annual sales revenue exceeded 600 million, and multiple categories entered the top3 of the industry

    STONE YANG Enwei Pharmaceutical Director of Marketing Department,General Manager of ENWEI Pharmaceutical JIEERYIN Business Division

    13 years of brand marketing management experience

    Certified all media operator  certified by  national SARFT

    Committee member of Effie Awards Greater China Health  TRACK

  • Andy Liu
    Andy Liu Logitech Greater China Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ajay Shankar
    Ajay Shankar Lenovo
  • Xu Han
    Xu Han Ocean Engine Ocean Engine Shopping Ads Strategic Product,Head of Operations
  • Zhonghao Lu
    Zhonghao Lu Ocean Engine Head of Closed-Loop Monetization Product
  • Chang Su
    Chang Su Chow Tai Seng Head of E-commerce Marketing
  • Baichao ZHANG
    Baichao ZHANG Haier Smart Home General Manager of China Sales Center
  • Ali Sun
    Ali Sun Braisun Food E-commerce General Manager

    Sun Liang is E-commerce General Manager of Braisun Food Group, fully responsible for formulating strategies and development plans for the overall business of Braisun brand e-commerce.

    Sun Liang has a great wealth of experience in brand-internet marketing business and planned to operate e-commerce businesses for multiple international famous brands. In 2011, he was in the position of the head in Baozun E-commerce FMCG industry, operating multiple international first tier brands including Häagen-Dazs, Unilever, Johnson, Arrow, GNC, etc. In 2014, he started his business and founded Dining Table Online Business, with an annual sales revenue exceeding 140 million. In 2016, he collaborated with the traditional chain enterprise Xianfeng Fruit to create a new retail xx. The following year, he created an 80 fold increase in revenue and became a digital benchmark in the fruit fresh industry.

    Sun Liang joined Braisun in 2021 and led the Braisun E-commerce team to achieve excess growth.

  • Ai Xu
    Ai Xu Nuotelande the VP of Marketing and Strategy

    Has over a decade of experience in digital marketing and e-commerce operations and has worked at major internet companies such as Alibaba and ByteDance. He excels in using internet marketing strategies to innovate market strategies for consumer goods.

  • Berne.zhao
    Berne.zhao Diary The founder of Diary

    CEO  Diarybiotec (Shanghai) Co.Ltd

    Partner of Lonvie group NewYork

    Fudan University/NUS  MBA

    Founder of beauty science popularization self-media Yan’antang.

    The founder of a domestic beauty brand: Diary 。

    Founder of “Diary Recycle” platform for the recycling of empty beauty bottles.

    In 2020,  received  investment from S’Young International ( listed on Shanghai stock market).

    In 2021,received investment from Aptar USA (listed on the U.S. stock market) .

  • Frank Wang
    Frank Wang usmile CMO

    Ph.D. in Advertising, with 13 years of experience for brand and product communication in both domestic and overseas markets; driven by business growth as the core, pursuing marketing effectiveness management and brand growth. Wish to build TOP brands in new generation with global perspective of team operation and business management.

  • Li Fei
    Li Fei Mars Wrigley China- Digital Commerce

    Li Fei started his career in the Big 4 and has abundant and valuable experience in the FMCG industry. In Coca-Cola, Phil was responsible for sales and operations. In Alibaba& Hema, Phil focused on user needs from 0 to 1, innovating business models with digital capabilities and tools. In Mars, Phil leveraged his rich FMGG &Internet experience to lead DCOM innovation, and contribute to growing the overall category meeting user needs.

  • Chen Hua
    Chen Hua Deeyeo Brand Marketing General Manager

    Chen Hua currently serves as the Marketing General Manager of Deeyeo, a brand under Henan Yeesain Health Technology Co., Ltd. She is responsible for the development strategy formulation and execution management, personnel management, brand marketing communication, and omni-channel marketing management of the Deeyeo brand.

    Prior to joining Deeyeo, Chen Hua had years of experience working at Master Kong Holdings Corporate. She possesses rich management experience and exceptional leadership as well as a unique marketing strategic vision for the Chinese consumer market.

    Under the leadership Chen Hua, Deeyeo brand into a well-known new consumer brand within three years. The best-selling product-Deeyeo flushable wipes has significantly outperformed its competitors in nationwide sales. The company’s performance has remained rapid growth for three consecutive years, establishing Deeyeo as a prominent player in the industry.

  • Zhiqiang yu
    Zhiqiang yu SAIC General Motor Wuling Head of E-commerce

    Mr. Yu Zhiqiang is responsible for  customer acquisition and e-commerce business in  SAIC General Motor Wuling. He has been serving Wuling since graduating from university and has accumulated a lot of work experience in the manufacturing system, service system, regional marketing, and marketing sectors during his 8 years at Wuling.

    With the popularization of new energy vehicles and mobile internet, marketing methods have also undergone significant changes. Mr. Yu Zhiqiang has rich experience and mature acquisition through short video live streaming. In addition, with the rise of e-commerce platforms, Wuling’s e-commerce sales are also constantly iteratively upgrading, and under the efforts of Mr. Yu Zhiqiang’s team, they are vigorously developing towards full chain, customization, and branding.

    Mr. Yu Zhiqiang graduated from the School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering at Hefei University of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Vehicle Engineering in 2015.